Monday, April 12, 2010

Shoot Up the WalMart--That's a Good Time

This guy was over at the West Thunderbird Road Wal Mart in El Mirage, Arizona fumbling around with his hostered semi-automatic pistol.  At one point the magazine, fell out of the butt of the weapon and clattered to the floor.  The guy, David Walter, bends over and reloads the weapon and somehow he discharges a round into the ceiling of the Wal Mart.

Walter's a resident of Surprise, Arizona has been booked on several counts of playing with his gun in public, and for discharging the gun within city limits. 

Oh and bear in mind that a bunch of idiots in the Tennessee legislature are trying to reenact the Guns in Bars legislation.

Is there anyone with a brain as it relates to guns in America? 

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