Wednesday, April 14, 2010


A former-Who Wants To Be A Millionaire contestant and Columbus, Ohio-area criminal defense lawyer is going to jail for taking drug money from a prospective client and not reporting it to the federal government according to the Columbus Dispatch. 

Kyle Hunter (pic at right with Regis Philbin) is an addicted gambler.  He took money from a drug dealing client he intended to defend in a criminal case, he got scared and tried to return the money--but, he had already gambled aways some of he money.  Hunter and a number of his central Ohio collegues were laundering money for a drug ring, as I reported previously on Bad Lawyer.  As you can guess, Hunter has nothing left.  Nothing. 

In his glory days, he had won $32,000 on the television game show.  He told the federal judge that sentenced him to six months in jail that he once won $20,000 in a poker tournament, but that he is now so poor he can not afford to pay a fine. 

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