Friday, April 9, 2010

The Fairfax County Naked Guy Is Innocent of Indecent Exposure!

You remember this story from late last year, the link is to my earlier post on the subject of Eric Williamson who was prosecuted in Fairfax County, Va for being naked in his own house.  Virginia has an interesting system of misdemeanor adjudication.  He was found guilty by a magistrate and upon appeal he received a jury trial where he was acquitted of the charge of "indecent exposure."  The report is at the Washington Post, crime scene blawg.

By the way I intend not to post much over the next couple of days because I do not wish to detract from the wonderfulness of being invited to "blawg" on Shakespeare, and I'm hoping you will take the time to look at that post and wander over to my friend, Gayle's Bard Blog where she has posted this very deep meditation on the courtroom scene from Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice. I was very honored to participate in the cross-posting here at Bad Lawyer.  My regular posting schedule will resume on the weekend.

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