Friday, April 23, 2010

Jeff Anderson--A Great Lawyer

Here is the link to the profile of St. Paul, Minnesota legal warrior, Jeff Anderson that ran over the weekend in the Washington Post.  I had the honor of working with Jeff on several matters at a couple different junctures in the history of the priest-child sex abuse scandal.  Jeff is a profoundly committed and courageos advocate.  The reform of the Catholic Church in the WORLD would not be where it is but for Jeff's generosity, time, intellect, and insights--particularly as it relates to the posturing of the narrative.

Jeff's great insight, in my opinion, is that priestly sex abuse isn't about whether a priest committed a crime--it is about the aftermath of crime--the victims.  At every opportunity, Jeff shines the light on the victims and Jeff dares the Church and the courts to turn their eyes away from the survivors of priestly crimes. This morning as I shaved I listened to the BBC discuss his lawsuit against the Pope.  In fact he's been in the United States Supreme Court over the last year challenging the Holy See on jurisdiction in American courts.  So Jeff Anderson has always been more than a show horse--he's a role model and a work house, doing the heavy lifting because Jeff genuinely cares.

Jeff Anderson is a great lawyer.

P.S. If you haven't already don't forget to look at the Bad Lawyer post on Father Gilbert Gauther, who was released from a Galveston Jail this week.


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