Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ill-Advised April Fools Pranks

One of my favorite websites, the Missoulian reports on an ill-advised April Fool's Prank.  Let's be honest there are certain callings for which April Fools' pranks probably are out of bounds, for instance oncologists, urologists, and proctologists should not be pranking patients.  TSA inspectors probably should not be joking around about anything.  911 operators should not be pranking safety forces.

Yes, folks the Missoula, Montana 911 dispatcher called out safety forces for a explosion at a Conoco refinery, that ha, ha, didn't happen, . . . April's Fools!  Uh, the sheriff isn't laughing.  Noone is laughing. You see moving this big-assed safety equipment tends to be a little expensive.  I thought the Sheriff Mike  McMeekin was exercising admirable restraint when he characterized the "prank" as in "poor taste." 

Expect an opening with Missoula 911 Dispatch. 

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