Friday, April 2, 2010

Boys and Their Toys--Stupid Cops, Part 10

Two Martinsville, Indiana police veterans were called to a home-based daycare center to assist with dealing with an out of control 10 year old boy.  One of these Brainiacs, the police Capatain William Jennings smacked the kid in the mouth with an open hand and the other, a 36 year veteran police officer, Darren Johnson tasered the brat. 

I don't care what the provocation is, you don't use a taser on a child. 

Here's the report from Indiana's the website of ABC Channel 21.  With acknowledgement to the ABAJournal website for the tip.


  1. You also don't smack someone in the head. (OK, if it was a real fight and you were in serious danger...) But you don't hit someone in the head otherwise. And certainly not if you are in the position of strength. A police captain should know better

  2. Martin--

    These stories appeal to me because they are so outrageous, as you know as a longtime reader, this is mild misbehavior by the police-thugs of m'ville, Indiana. I'm frequently unable to report some of the stories I come across because they are so revolting.

    But the larger point is that we arm these clowns and they can't resist pulling the trigger even when it's a child! Oh you're right about smacking the kid, but there is a very good reason why communities should resist arming the police with these so-called "non-lethal sidearms.