Saturday, April 17, 2010

Apaio Pees His Pants, Threatens to Sue All Involved reports that Maricopa County Supervisors have selected a replacement for Count Attorney Andrew Thomas who under investigation by the feds, quit supposedly to run for Attorney General.  As you will recall Andrew Thomas was Sheriff Joe Arpaio's closest political ally and chief legal enabler in transforming Maricopa County into a Stalinist terror state on the taxpayers' dimes.  Sheriff Joe Arpaio (America's toughest Sheriff) is threatening to sue everyone involved in the process of choosing Thomas' replacement, (somethings never change,) because Arpaio hates the new guy: Rick Romley. 

Romley (pic) a war hero, served a previous term as the Maricopa County Attorney--frequently, and publically opposing much of Arpaio's nonsense.  He is not easily intimidated by Sheriff Joe's horseshit.  Obviously, Arpaio does not like the prospect of not having his way.

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