Monday, April 19, 2010

Honesty, Soul Level, Cellular Honesty!

The London TimesOnline reports the story of  British golfer Brian Davis who--in the middle of a PGA sudden death playoff--perceived that he had "illegally" brushed a reed with the head of his club.  No one else saw this "foul" nonetheless Davis approached an official and a video review by the referee confirmed the impression that he had "fouled," thereby costing Davis the tournament and a chance at a cool million dollar prize. 

I love this story!  This is from the TimesOnline account:

"For his part, Davis felt he had no choice but to call the foul on himself. ' It was one of those things,' he said. 'I thought I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I thought we’d check on TV, and indeed there was movement. I want to win a PGA Tour event more than just about anything but I play by the rules and no victory would be worthwhile if it had a cloud hanging over it. I saw the grass move, called  [the referee] over and that’s it, end of story.'"

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