Sunday, April 18, 2010

Husband and Wife Drunk Drivers

When you see your husband pulled over for drunk driving while separately you are in another car, drunk driving,  don't stop and yap at the cops!  That's right folks, the Buffalo News is reporting on the West Seneca, New York couple arrested for precisely this bone-headed circumstance, this is from Gene Warner's account in the Buffalo News:

"New York State ]Troopers had arrested a . . . West Seneca man, and while they were testing his sobriety, his wife drove up. When she inquired about what was going on, troopers determined she had been drinking and charged her with DWI, too.

The incident began shortly after 12:30 a.m., when Trooper Chad Barry stopped a vehicle driven by Joseph R. Nagowski, 50, on Winspear Road in West Seneca for failure to keep right.  'While they were performing field-sobriety tests on Mr. Nagowski, his wife pulled up, stopped and asked if everything was OK,' said Trooper Rebecca Gibbons, public information officer. 'The trooper talked to her and determined that she was intoxicated as well.'

Joseph Nagowski was taken back to the state police substation in Elma, where troopers said he registered a blood-alcohol level of 0.20 percent. He then was charged with DWI and failure to keep right.  ChrisAnne Nagowski, 48, recorded a 0.11 percent level and also was charged with DWI by Troopers Barry and Sean Pierce.

State police officials said they occasionally see a pair of relatives both charged with DWI, when one of them drives to a police station to pick up the suspect and also is found to be intoxicated.  But in this case, Joseph Nagowski was stopped for erratic driving and his wife just happened to be driving by the arrest site when she stopped. 'From my experiences, I'd have to say that is pretty rare, that someone they know is driving down the road and is found to be intoxicated also,' Gibbons said. "It's not something you run into every day.'"
Years ago when I was single and still qualifying for membership in 12-step recovery organizations I had been out carousing around with open containers and an equally impaired girlfriend riding shotgun when the OurTown police pulled me over.  This was another era, I'm not sure MADD had quite come into prominence.  I was trashed, and yet somehow I was able to jive my way out of ticket.  What an ASSHOLE! 

Clearly drinking and driving is not funny, not cute, and one of the most common causes of heartbreak and devastation that you see at local news sites around the world wide web. 

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