Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shrink Sues Homeless Man

ABC News Channel 7 in Chicago reports on the psychologist who sued the homeless mas for defamation arisiong out of posts on his blog: 

"A Naperville psychologist has filed a civil lawsuit against the western Chicago suburb's best-known homeless man.  In the lawsuit filed this week, psychologist Katherine Borchardt contends she has been defamed and had her privacy invaded by Scott Huber, who has spent a number of years living on Naperville's downtown sidewalks.

Borchardt says that when a DuPage County judge ordered Huber to leave the sidewalk spot he had occupied for nearly 10 years, Huber moved to the sidewalk outside her office. She says that when she asked him to move because he was upsetting some of her patients, he invaded her office and harassed her. Borchardt says that although Huber seems to have obeyed a subsequent court order to stay away from her, he still has been attacking her in a blog he writes."
Could Psychologist Borchardt be struggling with a fragile ego?  Must be one hell of a blog that Huber's writing to agitate a licensed psychologist.  Perhaps this shrink needs to work on her detachment skills.   And what about the compassionate Chicago-area judge who expelled this man from the sidewalk Huber occupied for 10 years. 

Where is our human heart?


  1. Thanks for that one. It hits close to home, because of the old friend I wrote about last winter...he has a blog full of rantings, too. What the hell is wrong with people? Or with society, that lets these people slip through the cracks...

  2. Yeah, this breaks my heart, Gayle. I don't understand these professionals doing this sort of thing apart from what I'm suggesting--that their ego-projections are so insecure that they can't separate their views of the less fortunate, from their own identities. We see this sort of thing over and over again news, most strikingly with the African Americn Judge in Cleveland, Ohio who recently characterized an African American lawyer who appeared in front of her as talking out of his "Amos and Andy-mouth."

    Then awhile back there was that idiot-lawyer in Houston who sued the homeless shelter, remember this fromaround Thanksgivng of last year?

    Really awful conduct by people who should know better but who can't get past their own egos.

    The similar situation that I find most agonizing is this woman who abandoned her child by sending him back to Russia from where she obtained his adoption. The act is so heinous,as the father of two children I adore, who are as much my children as if I had contributed the DNA (which I did not, as far as I know) I am so troubled. The message that such acts send is blackhearted, destabilizing and uncivilized.

    When we see and react to this garbage it means we have something personally to clean up.


  3. Please get your story straight before you comment. Did you even ask the psychologist what happened? Huber attacked the psychologist outside her office, and was arrested by Naperville, IL police. He responded by holding up a sign about the psychologist in downtown Naperville, which he continues to do now for 4 months, asking people to boycott her for her Ethics. This story is not about having thin skin about the blogs, but about having to have her patients and fellow citizens see this criminal hold up a sign about her daily, all because she reported a crime. Check out the story details with the Naperville Police Department and with the DuPage County States attorney's office. This psychologist has been through enough, without having to be attacked through your blog site.

  4. anon. 9:31 PM

    It's a shame you think that Katherine Borchardt was "attacked," by my post. She certainly was not "attacked," but I will say that unfortunately when you "engage" certain adversity in life, in the form of a homeless man, an oppressor, an antagonist,--you are frequently engaging an ego manifestation. While Ms. Borchardt may feel justly movtivated to seek criminal charges--her lawsuit is probably ill-advised and counter-productive. This post and your response are evidence of that very fact. HOw do I know this--been there, done that.

    1. I don't know if she was "attacked" but she was certainly made fun of evidenced by your prose. I might also disagree with the use of "ego manifestation" perhaps because I am a studying psychologist and understand the SIMPLE logic behind her action to ensure that she does not lose money from as small an annoyance as the homeless man has caused. Most psychologist's are better than most in controlling their ego and are quite calculated and logic, usually acting poorly when money is the motivating factor. Another quick bit, to say this woman "engaged" alludes to an entirely different psychology of action as opposed to referring to her "defending" which is entirely what I assume she has done.

  5. BL - Your comments steer the blame towards Borchardt...seems kind of backwards, doesn't it? I think you've got this one wrong...hear me out -

    As a lifetime Naperville resident, I promise you that Scott Huber is hardly a victim. He is nothing but a bully, and blames everyone else for his "situation," starting with blaming the city of Naperville for his electronics business going bust over 10 years ago. He has other charges pending against him for similar instances, but you left that part out of your report. Most people around here know someone who's had a run in with him...so I ask you to consider the common denominator in all these situations. Everyone here is sick and tired of his antics as well as tired of the pock-mark on our beautiful city with his tent,shopping cart and rude signs.

    Hey...it's your blog and your opinions matter. You raise topics for discussion and sometimes it's good to press buttons, I get it. But coming from someone who's had a front row seat for all this I think you should consider how the residents feel!

  6. Anon @ 10:09

    Thank you for your thoughtful post and further insights. Do not confuse my wonder and astonishment at what I consider an ill-advised lawsuit with actual knowledge of the underlying merits--as I've said since the outset, I rely on media reports and at best I can supply some insights by reading between the lines.

    I will say that while I certainly can understand based on the facts that you add, why Dr. Borchardt feel aggrieved by Mr. Huber; there are many situations in life in which persons for one reason or another only aggravate situations by engaging an antagonist rather than detaching as much as possible. The civil law, in my experience rarely supplies the remdy one hopes for, and it often requires you to roll around in the mud with your someone you'd rather not give the time of day . . .

  7. BL - this guy came up briefly at a party the other day, so I ran a quick search to check facts and remembered I posted to your blog over the summer.
    I read your reply above to my comment back in June - I can definitely see and agree your point.
    Yes there's a lot of warts like this guy walking around the world, and we should all try to ignore and avoid them (especially a supposed expert on the id, ego, super-ego). Yet sometimes they still grow on your back and you reach a point where it's too tempting to say "when," you know?
    Anyway, I'm certainly not a legal professional (as you probably guessed) but I am enjoying your blog. Thank you for an interesting and educational escape from office hell.

  8. I'm a resident and business owner in Naperville who is not bothered by scotts protesting at all.

  9. Then ask him to come and live in front of your business.

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