Wednesday, April 7, 2010

NPR's On The Media, On Outing Judge Shirley Strickland Saffold

I was tipped to this version of the story about the errant Judge Saffold and her ill-advised anonymous comments about lawyers and cases pending in front of her by Above the Law.  Follow the link to the NPR interview with the Cleveland Plain Dealer editor, Susan Goldberg who has presided over the newspaper's decision to out Judge Saffold as the anonymous commentator at their website.  Judge Saffold,as I reported here on Bad Lawyer is commenting online about an alleged serial killer's African-American attorney in the rankest sort of racial imagery.  Irony of irony, the Judge is African-American.

Of course, the Judge is blaming the media for her misconduct.  It's a wild tale, Saffold reports from the bench in open court that she was "assaulted" by a Plain Dealer reporter at an editorial-endorsement meeting years before; an account persuasively refuted by the paper's senior editor.  Clearly there is much bad blood between the paper and the Judge. 

This week the Judge refused a formal demand from attorney Rufus Sims,  accused serial killer Anthony Sowell's attorney, to recuse herself from the case.  Most assuredly, the appearance of impropriety created by the Judge will result in the Ohio Supreme Court removing her.  Fortuantely, or unfortunately for Mr. Sims and his client,  that court has its hands full since long-time Chief Justice Thomas Moyer died unexpectedly over the weekend. 

We'll, keep an eye on this judicial train wreck and the implications for the serial killer of 11 Cleveland-area poor black women.


  1. i'm sure at tbhis point saffold is buying time -saying she will decide in a week her future role in the case she probably is hoping the caucus will settle the dispute and attempt to get sims to ease up for the sake of the unity of their political block and try to cut a deal for her or for them

    she needs to be off the case
    off the bench
    and out of law

    maybe she can fill in for tyler perry

    moe-larry cheese

    the pope

  2. The Ohio Supreme Court won't do anything. They are all elected and don't stand for principles other than their own maintenance and re-election. If a judge does something wrong short of murder, there is never an ethical action.

  3. Below are the URLs for ethics complaints I recently filed v Judge Saffold with the Ohio Supreme Court. The 1st one was mailed to the Court on the 8th and should have been received by now. The 2nd was emailed to the attention of Disciplinary Counsel this date.

    The complaints can also be found under the category “Judicial Misfits” on my web site at In addition, a couple of recent articles about Judge Saffold can be found under “Ohio Reporter.”

    05/08/10 Ethics complaint filed v. Judge Shirley Saffold of Cleveland, Ohio

    05/11/10 Supplemental Ethics Complaint v. Judge Shirley Saffold of Cleveland, Ohio