Monday, April 12, 2010

Elvis Impersonators

The Legal Profession Blawg which specializes in reporting on lawyer disciplinary actions provides us with this account of the moron lawyers:  Kurt Muller and Todd Walters who during the pendency of a divorce proceeding in which they represented the wife, decided to harass the husband who was under threat of a contempt of court proceedings by joking about how the former husband was going to handle jail when the court imposed its contempt penalty.

The obnoxious joking went so far that these divorce lawyers were chorusing on "Jailhouse Rock."

The Illinois disciplinary opinion records:   "During the course of the discussions with [the husband] Douglas, [the wife's attorneys] Respondent Muller and Respondent Walters made inappropriate and unprofessional references to what they believed would be Douglas' experience should he be sent to jail, including references to body searches that he would or would not endure and the song Jail House Rock'."

Nice, huh?

These jokers received reprimands, no joke.

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