Saturday, April 10, 2010

Another Texas Judge Steps Over the Line

The Houston Chronicle is reporting on the Judge who keyed his neighbor's car.   Judge Woody Densen was caught on video tape vandalizing his neighbors Land Rover.

Look, I think it is all businesses and professions--but, sometimes I think the law profession has a particularly power to warp your ego.  Like Judge Saffold who has totally come unhinged and crazy Al Garcia the coke sniffing, client molesting, meth-manufacturing Minneapolis attorney--lawyers and Judges wrestle with projections of ego.  In the Texas case you have a Judge living next ot some folks who drive luxury foreign autmobiles.  I can imagine that for this pathetic jurist, that that is a challenge, because if you are a financially circumspect Judge, it's unlikely that you are going to be tooling around town in a Mercedes or Land Rover. 

Another super fine mind as come undone.

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