Monday, April 19, 2010

Michigan State's Thong Thief Thwarted

Oh, this is too easy. 

The Detroit News reports under the headline:  Cops: MSU thong thief caught with 79 pairs of pilfered panties,--on the 19 year old East Lansing student who has been suted stealing panties from the dormitory laundry. 

The unnamed spandex obsessive denies being a "sex addict." or having an addiction.  Sounds about right.  He claims it was just a prank and that other students "are doing it."  The owner of the items in question wants the suspect charged.

All joking aside, there are serious issues.  If this kid had been stealing t-shirts we would not think there was a sex element to the petty theft.  So it's absurd to think that this 19 year old kid doens't have some sort of screw slightly loose--he's lucky that at age 19, he has a jump start at looking at his fetish for female undergarments.  Jeez, it's not easy to write about this without it coming off as a joke.  So let me shift gears.

Last week, 20 year old Laura Hall (pic) became the first "woman" in the UK to be banned from every bar and pub, according to the London Daily Mail!  Twenty years old! 

In May of 1986, I was 31 years old and I had blasted through as much drinking as I was capable of doing and still be able to and physically manage to pull myself together and practice law.  I got sober, because frankly I could no longer bear the physical and psychological burden of drinking like a pig.  And while it is true that I relapsed on two or three occasions since then, for all my problems I could be dead, and behind the wheel of a car drunk I could have killed others--and, those are some of the more obvious bad shit/outcomes that happen to drunks and those that happen across their paths.

So you see when I talk about these Bad Lawyers and Judges with substance abuse issues I am talking about and seeing myself in their horrible outcomes.  St. Paul, Minn. Al Garcia, that could have been me.  Ann Arbor's Ron Plunkett, taht could have been me.  For all of my problems-- killing someone, raping someone, crippling someone--that has not happened to me, yet. My guess is that in the lives of these youngsters--oh, and these stories get played out in the media as jokes, these young people are getting a chance to see something misfiring in their lives early on.  They have  an opportunity in these "silly" crises, early on,  to avoid a lifetime of disaster piled on disaster. 


  1. The average cost of a pair of Victoria Secret Thongs is $8.50 (and they can range as high as $24.00) so... let's math here 79 * $8.50 = $671.50 .... That's quite a bit of funds for a "prank".

  2. Theft is theft, L, this guy has a problem keeping his hands off what does not bleong to him. BTW, did you see the post about the Chicago-area law student who got popped with his buddy DUI and shooting his mouth off? I thought that one would catch your attention.