Thursday, April 22, 2010

Who To Abuse?--Perfect Victims!

The Odessa Caller has an excellent article on a youth prison official who is being prosecuted for sexually abusing youngsters in custody.  According to an Associated Press report athe Caller website:

"Ray Brookins, the former assistant superintendent at the Texas Youth Commission’s West Texas State School, is being tried in Odessa on charges alleging he sexually abused at least young inmate.  'The perfect predator looks for a victim no one will believe,' Assistant Attorney General Ralph Guerrero said told jurors in his opening statement. 'He picked the wrong victim.'  Guerrero said the victim would testify in the trial that 'he just wanted to get out of jail, he just wanted to get home.”

Ray Brookins (pic) is the former Assistant Director of the Texas Youth Commission.  Law enforecement found child porn and teenagers in residence with Brookins at the time of his arrest according to news reports.

The prosecutor's claim about the calculation underlying the selection of child sex abuse victims is something I've talked about on Bad Lawyer.   Here, in OurTown the Archdiocese operated vaious youth facilities.  At one particular facility, Happydale, a pedophile correctional worker pulled nearly identical crimes to those perpetrated by Mr. Brookins.  How was this not detected?  The perpetrator was victimizing pathetic, intellectually and emotionally impaired children.  Who would believe them?  Who would believe angry family members, to the extent that any family members were around to object on behalf of the children?

These crimes are terrible.  There should be no place in our world where are children are exploited and victimized by "public servants" employed by our Church, OurTown, or OurState.

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  1. The Houston Chronicle is reporting that Brookins was convicted after a short day of deliberations and is facing a potential 20 year sentence. Brookins is suspected of abusing 13 teenage inmates during his tenure as a Texas Corrections official.