Monday, March 8, 2010

Al Garcia--Innocent, huh???

Well, every once in a while I think I know how something is going to turn out and then it doesn't.  Coked-out alleged rapist, convicted meth manufacturer, and distributor,  Al Garcia, Esq. was acquitted of rape by a Minneapolis jury, late this afternoon.  The story is at the link from the Minneapolis Star Tribune website.

Do I think for a second that Al Garcia is not a rapist?  No. There was just too much corroborating testimony from other women he pulled his sexy-lawyer-shtick-on, but the jury apparently didn't believe that the prosecution proved the case.   The jury seems not to have believed that he forcibly raped this client.  She testified to some pretty rough stuff that was not supported by physical evidence.

He's a scumbag, and as far as these charges are concerned he is a very lucky (depending on your definition of lucky) man. 

Oh as a post-script just before the trial, Garcia tried to dismiss his lawyer, but the Judge would not permit the discharge of counsel and the case proceeded to trial.  His lawyer persuasively argued that Al Garcia was "not professional," but not a rapist.  The jury bought this. 

It sounds to me like Garcia got lucky in this case, except that he's still a coked-out rapist asshole, but he's "not guilty."

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