Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ridiculous Moments in the Law--the Fairfax, Va Prosecution of Indecent Exposure

The local affiliate of Fox News in DC is reporting that Fairfax, Virginia's  Eric Williamson is guilty of indecent exposure for being nude in his own house.  This crazy story is just one of those ridiculous moments when nosy neighbors and municipal authorities with too much time on their hands make a mockery of personal liberty. 

TheAssociated Press'  print report is at the link and that report explores the Court's reasoning.  I would like to see an appellate court opinion on the issue. As annoying as this guy Williamson appears to be, how something like this occurence ends up being charged and prosecuted escapes me.  I don't want to be hyperbolic and compare local authorities to the Taliban, but c'mon folks--don't we pride ourselves on personal liberty.  Mere nudity is not "indecent exposure"--I see more (unintentional?) indecent exposure at the local grocery store--let's not even talk about Wal-Mart!

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