Thursday, October 21, 2010

Aaron Biber Update--18-Years for Raping Teen

Former Big Law attorney, president-elect of the Minnesota State Bar Association, and Super Lawyer Aaron Biber was sentenced to 18-years in prison for raping his 15-year old neighbor. 

Here's the story at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

This is the link to all the past Bad Lawyer stories on Biber.


  1. This guy got EXACTLY what he deserved. Believe it or not, when interviewed for his pre-sentence investigation 3 weeks before the sentencing he said " the judge is going to kill me for saying this but I still say the boy was the aggressor". He says this to the probation officer who makes a sentencing recommendation! This after 5 months of therapy! This after the judge had already ruled that all the evidence pointed to Biber as the predator, not the child. Are we surprised that he got an upward departure rather than the probation only that he sought? Unfortunately, this sentence does nothing to "fix" the teen victim but it is justice and may protect another child from this creep.

  2. I agree with anon @ 2:39, Biber is the poster boy for narcissistic asshole.

  3. Thank you for the comments. This disgusting story is outrageos--and smarmy Mr. Biber will have plenty of time to analyze his situation--maybe he can transform?