Thursday, October 14, 2010

DNA and Death at the Supreme Court

The Texas Tribune has a profile on the case of Texas Death Row inmate, Henry "Hank" Skinner, who's Supreme Court case on issues relating to DNA lit up some of the major law blawgs yesterday.  The legal issues in Skinner's case are examined in Adam Liptak's New York Times article.  According to Liptak, the Supreme Court seemed less interested in the DNA question, than the curious course of Skinner's case particularly, the jurisprudential tactics of his appellate counsel in obtaining certiorari.

Translation:  yeah, ok, somebody's continued existence on the planet turns on what we do, so what;  how did you get in our court, counselor? 

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  1. Coincidentally, there's a report out today putting the US on par with Third World nations when it comes to access to justice. The gap widens.