Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What Don't Some Judges Get About Sexually Appropriate Conduct?

The public can only have confidence in the operation of the Courts if the lawyers in suits and robes are not taking money from one another, not employing one another, and not screwing or trying to screw one another. 

Many times over the years, I had clients tell me, that at the prior hearing that I did not attend--prior to being hired, so-an-so opposing lawyer and so-and-so judge--were yucking it up before "hearing my case."  Usually knowing the lawyer and Judge involved, I was always careful to tell prospective clients that the lawyers and judges, know one another and are often friends--but that their friendship does not mean that proper rulings and justice will not happen in their case.  But this toxic perception, this appearance of impropriety: duck-hunting and such, so undermines the confidence of the public in the "straightness" of rulings.  This conduct is targeted by canons of ethics.  The need to manage appearances is incredibly important, especially when rulings are "tough." 

I am so sick of stories of Judges who let their tiny little hard-ons, er egos destroy the confidence the Public has in the integrity of their rulings.  I want to believe in the ideals of justice, just like you.

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