Tuesday, October 12, 2010

She's Suffered Enough--Judge Sharon Keller Update

At the link you can read the numerous Bad Lawyer stories about "her Honor," Judge Sharon Keller (pic, top), the Texas Chief Criminal Appeals Judge who was too busy to keep the clerk's office open for a couple of extra minutes to receive for filing the petition on behalf of a Texas Death Row inmate, Michael Richards (pic, bottom) who would be executed a few hours later.  If you read the posts, and stories linked to at the various posts you will learn that the executed inmate, Michael Richards, had a meritorious appeal based on a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision, that would in all likelihood have been granted saving his life at least at that moment.   Too bad, for Michael Richards.  As I said, he's dead.

Judge Keller drew a disciplinary complaint for her callous disregard of her judicial responsibilities.  But this being the f*&%^g Republic of Texas, and despite collateral problems with Keller's financial ethics, the disciplinary authorities were moved to reprimand her, only.  Now get this, Judge Keller was so outraged by this miscarriage of justice she appealed.

In the words of Judge Keller's mouthpiece she's "suffered enough!" Now appellate panel has issued its opinion which is at the link, they agree.  There is no discipline for Judge Keller.

Here's the ABAJournal.com story.

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