Thursday, October 7, 2010

Money, money, money . . .oink! (San Antonio Express-News) is reporting on the vast sums of money being poured into the race for the presiden....governorship of the Republic of Texas.  His majesty and chief executioner, Rick Perry collected some $8 million dollars for this general election.  Tthe report indicates that a Texas home builder gave Perry $600,000, more, while a Toyota dealer pumped in an additional quarter million dollars.   Perry's Democratic opponent has collected about half the amount.

In the meantime, back in the United States, it looks like forever-orange Cincinnati-area businessman and Tobacco waterboy, John Boehner is on a well-greased track to become the Speaker of the House.  If you got so far in your exploration of things that may or may not matter in politics or current events, that you took time to read the Bad Lawyer rant--you know all of this.  Much wiser commentators that the Bad Lawyer, bemoan this sort of wholesale purchase of power, so I suggest reading those writers.

My Hope

For my part, I hope that every Tea-Party wacko, Chamber of Commerce, and NRA-approved extremist Republican-backed greed-dog running for office wins.  Ultimately, I hope that after a complete spasm of bizzaro world-alternate universe governance, America will return to sanity, dignity, and decency.  Maybe it's the limitation of my education, but it sure seems to me that we are collectively in thrall to morons, demagogues, and crooks;  and, unless we call their bluff--give them power--language, logic, and democracy will lose all power to signify the ideals that I thought we were all about. 

An Orwellian animal farm collective is coming to power near you.  Hold onto your hats.


  1. I hope they all win, but I don't think for the same reasons you have. Democrats are out of control; Republicans are too. Both need to be kicked up the backside to remember why they're being elected. It is not to grow government; it is not to see who can spend money the fastest.

    The politics of the Democratic Party turn my stomach, as do the social policies of the Republican Party. I want minimal government that will spend tax dollars on important things, like infrastructure, not lining pockets or assuring re-election of incumbents. It seems as though it's going to take a third party, one that will sink one of the two major parties and move the other off its spendthrift ways and moral imperatives.

  2. from bad lawyer to terrible politico

    first you have just enhanced that brought stroke mentallity that tends to further divide us now from you comes good-dems bad repubs
    this teabaggin nra approved greed dog republican if able to run could easily fill the void your heroic dem s have left in dealing with the principles that made this country great you have choosen obooba to dismantle the free market system and on the topic of out spending your opponent obooba far out raised mccain and most nearly 500 million came funneled in from organizations controlled by soros american NOT and as far as your joining the socialist tabloid ( you know of what i speak ) to fillet it's dish of the day (the chambe )
    your frightful leader obooba took more money from B.P. than any other candodate ever dem or repub.
    stand back from the soap box and evaluate your attack against boehner and just look at pelosi need we say more there i can go on however i shall withdraw to figure out if this teabaggin nra approved greed dog repub is a noron demagogue or crook of course as being a teabaggin etc. etc. i must be all three wow you probably posted what i find to be your most objectionable post ever this goes far beyond just different views on a topic

    the disappointed pope

  3. wrought drom frustration my grammarical errors went far beyond their norm
    moving on on the topic of state sponsored executions your very own strickland is setting records of his own

    more from the pope

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