Thursday, October 21, 2010

Grave Site Eavesdropping

Sometimes I come across local news stories in my trolling of websites that are so mind-boggling that they need and deserve amplification, but with my limited education and experience I don't quite know what to say or how to say it.  Of course as any follower or occasional reader of this blawg will readily tell you, that rarely do I desist from posting.  Notwithstanding when totally flummoxed there are a few cyber resources available to me and on the criminal defense-side I've sent one or two items to Scott Greenfield who writes the Simple Justice blawg. 

Yesterday, I came across the story of the Detroit area brothers who were secretly recorded at their parents' grave site.  The local cops and prosecutor want to use the recorded surveillance of "non-expression" of grief by one of the brothers to supply motive for a homicide prosecution.  That's right, the cops planted(!), "bugged," the grave!

I must say, I found this story breath-taking in what it reveals about the audacity and arrogance of law enforcement, but as I said words failed me.  Fortunately, Scott is smart enough to handle the story and he wrote a brilliant essay--which is must reading if you care at all about liberty, freedom, and justice.  Oh, and decency.

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    The defendant was acquited on all counts.