Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Aaron Biber Update--He Owes $15 Million to Raped Teen Male

In addition to the 18 years in the penitentiary Aaron Biber got for repeatedly raping his 15-year old neighbor, the Minneapolis's Star Tribune is reporting that a Hennepin County judge has ordered Biber to pay $15 million ($5 million compensatory, $10 million punitive) to the young teen male. 

As followers of this blawg know, Biber is the Minneapolis Big Law/Super Lawyer who at the time of his arrest for raping his teenage neighbor was president-elect of the state bar association. 


  1. Likely "Monopoly" money for the teen as Biber claims he is broke and there are attorney costs and subrogation claims by the teen's health insurance company. But Biber cannot discharge this award in a bankruptcy so he is DONE financially forever. Narcissistic asshole threw it ALL away. Makes no sense.

  2. Thank you for your concentration on this lawyer, Aaron Biber. You correctly understood that this story said something about the nature of these sorts of crimes not being confined to stereotyped "bad rapists" like those in our imagination. Aaron Biber is pathetic S.O. as they say on the prison reality shows who was almost a Bar Association president.