Monday, May 9, 2011

Carolina Panther's Linebacker Goes On Trial for Punching-out Strip Club Patron

Here's a garden variety, ho-hum sports-related story:  Carolina Panther's Linebacker Jon Beason (pic) goes to trial this week in a civil suit arising out of his assault and battery upon a fellow Strip Club patron in November 2009. 

You could easily interchange the names, pics and towns of dozens of young athletes for  Jon Beason's for the story at the Charlotte Observer, today.  In some instances there are criminal charges--there were criminal allegations against Beason, not pursued.  Sometimes guns are involved, sometimes impaired driving; drugs; baby moms. 

At local news websites these errant athlete stories are more common than child porn prosecutions.  I imagine there are several factors that make this so:  athletes are targets; athletes are youngsters; athletes tend to habituate bars, clubs, and parties;  athletes are narcissistic individuals who buy into the message:  you are special, the rules do not apply to you.  This latter message kicks in around the time a talented kid joins Pop Warner football programs continuing all through their "education," and professional career, if any.  

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