Monday, May 23, 2011

Prison Food: Federal Prison Employee Gets 6 Years in Federal Prison

A kitchen supervisor at FCI, Butner approached an inmate to arrange for importation of heroin.  Bad idea.  According to a story at the Charlotte Observer the employee will now do 6 years in federal custody.  He must of liked the food.  Here's an excerpt fro the Associated Press story:

"[Nathan Prady], an employee of the federal prison in Butner [was] sentenced to more than six years in prison on a charge of asking an inmate to help him get heroin.  [The NC] U.S. Attorney George Holding says [. . .] Nathan Prady was sentenced in Raleigh Wednesday. [ . . .]  Prosecutors say Prady was caught in a sting that is part of a wider probe at the prison and intended to smuggle the heroin inside.  Federal agents say Prady was working as a cook supervisor when he approached an inmate and asked to use the prisoner's Texas contacts to have heroin mailed to Prady's home. An undercover county officer posed as the friend and authorities taped their conversations [.]"
Prison food is vile.  Mr. Prady is now getting an opportunity to live on a steady diet of it for 6 years.  Wow, incredibly stupid.


  1. I'm so glad I found this blog. Prison food is horrible, gut busting garbage. I hated it so much, that and sleeping on steel beds with little foam between you person and sleep surface. I can't speak for the federal, but even when we had fresh fruit it was horrible either unripe or too ripe. Disgusting day after day. Thanks for saying so.

  2. It hasn't improved....the photo used looks good compared to what was served this past weekend