Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"[Sir, You are] Gayer than a Sweet Smelling Jock Strap"

The tireless blawgers (Debra Cassens Weiss and Marhta Neil) at the ABAJournal website have unearthed a couple of remarkable news items which illustrate the propensity of Judges to unhinge a bit in their pronouncements from the bench.  The following video speaks for itself:


  1. As the gillette torvivk blog notes, Wisconsin judges do this sort of thing with some regularity. http://gillette-torvik.blogspot.com/2011/05/gayer-than-what.html

  2. Hey Gillette-Torvik, nice blawg. I'll have to give it a deep read. Thanks for commenting. This was truly a remarkable comment by a Judge. Is it just me or does the Judge sound particularly nervous?


  3. It is impressive, but the judge should be firm and if he made a mistake. It has to be change with claim from the lawyer.