Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Judge: "He's Suffered Enough . . .," Probation for Violent Cop

Mandarino, right, his victim Ronald Bell, left
At the link you can watch dashboard camera video of the violent ass-kicking meted out by a suburban Chicago-area cop convicted of aggravated assault and official misconduct.  Warning:  this is a vicious unprovoked crime committed against an unarmed citizen. 

Former Streamwood, Illinois police officer James Mandarino, 42, faced up to 5 years in prison but, His Honor,Cook County Judge Thomas P. Fecarotta said incarceration would not be appropriate.

“Jail time would be more about revenge and less about justice,” Judge Fecarotta said.  Nice reasoning.

Mr. Bell's crime, um a traffic stop. 

At this link, The Chicago Sun-Times account of the sentencing.

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  1. thanks for publishing the story about this police brutality at your blog. the sickening favoritism shown abusive police will not stop until these judges are exposed for who they themselves are. maybe judge fecarotta didn't swing the baton, but he condones this officer's conduct by the slap on the writst he dished out at sentencing. it's wrong.