Thursday, May 19, 2011

More Will Be Revealed . . .Prosecutor Jennifer Troiano

The other day, the Bad Lawyer was in a slight froth over the tabloid slamming of the Bronx ADA (assistant district attorney) charged, but not convicted of drunken driving.  I speculated that Jennifer Troiano (pic) had alienated someone with the Cops--turns out this was a good guess.

The New York Post published a follow up, the other day, reporting that prosecutor Troiano had ticked-off cops when she "boasted" that her connections would "take care of [the charges.]"  Separately, NYC cops are dealing with a scandal over alleged ticket fixing including wire-taps of at least one officer involved in making drunk driving allegation go-away.  Putting two and two together, you can see the motivation for dropping the dime on Ms. Troiano.

Part of the reason that this story caught my eye was that a young, fairly attractive lawyer was being pissed on by the Cops who in my experience would be falling all over themselves to cover-up for her.  Of course, the other part of it is that charges are not convictions--and,  this young professional is trashed on the front pages of a huge American newspaper over allegations of misconduct, well, it seems a wee bit over the top.  On the  otherhand, Ms. Troiano needs to get help, professional and otherwise if she wants a law career, nad the kind of help that she doesn't get by having a higher up "take care of it" for her.

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  1. This story evidently finalizes itself today. I should say this: the time she was busted on this arrest, it was already known she had had a previous 'refused to blow' case thrown out, probably with 'help'. It's a shame it cost her a public service career, but she'll still have her law license.
    She did not get 'Joe Blows' punishment for DUI. I would know, I just went through it myself. Hopefully, she overcomes the career stall.