Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oh, No--Fraudulently Hiding Your Marital Assets During Your Divorce Has Nothing to Do With Your Character and Fitness to Practice Law

Kantro is the guy on the right

The ABAJournal had a link to this story from reporter Louis Hansen at about a now-disbarred Norfolk, Virginia lawyer:

"A three-judge panel has revoked the license of a Norfolk lawyer for misconduct during his personal divorce case.  The panel found that Mark Kantro hid $161,000 in income from his former wife during their divorce, according to civil court records.

Allan Zaleski, a lawyer for Kantro, said he planned to appeal.  The discipline is unusual because the facts related to the revocation are from a personal divorce, not mishandling a client's case, Zaleski said.  'This had nothing to do with his performance' as a lawyer, Zaleski said. [ . . . ]

Kantro received $161,000 payment for legal fees in January 2005 and gave $150,000 to his mother to open an account under her name, court records state. Although he was legally required to disclose the income in the divorce, he did not for more than two years, court records state.

The panel found Kantro violated eight rules of conduct and revoked his license. He may apply for reinstatement with the Virginia Supreme Court in five years, according to the state bar spokesman.

A state bar committee investigated the case.  Kantro has an office in Norfolk and practices criminal and civil law."
Disbarment in Virginia is a mandatory 5 year suspension at which time, Kantro can apply for reinstatement.  The Virginia authorities give him until June to wind up his practice.


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