Monday, May 23, 2011

Lance Armstrong, Drug Dealer?

Dr. Michele Ferrari
 So is Lance Armstrong a drug dealer? 

That's one of the takeaways from the Tyler Hamilton interview on 60 Minutes.  Similarly a report at the Coloradoan this morning raises the same point based on details of Hincapie's testimony before a federal grand jury.  According to an Associated Press report, Hincapie told the grand jury that he and Armstrong supplied drugs to one another.  Hamilton described receiving EPO from Armstrong after indicating a need for the drug over unregistered cell phones used for the purpose.

Hamilton's discussion of Dr. Michele Ferrari's (cycling's vampire) role in "training" Armstrong and company for that aspect of cycling performance, e.g. doping was an unexpected bombshell.  The private jet flight to Valencia, Spain for blood collection, the double phones, the bribery of UCI officials following a positive doping test at the Tour de Suisse, the entitlement attitude--it's beginning to sound just like US Professional Cycling was just another criminal enterprise. 


  1. Bad Lawyer, is there cycling in prison?

  2. Lance doped and nobody died.

  3. Check NYT Vecsey on Lance this morning.

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