Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another Perv Lawyer Busted Trying to Arrange Sex with a 14-Yr Old Boy

Last year we were all witnesses to the disaster that was the career of BigLaw and Super Lawyer Perv, Aaron Biber.   Biber ended up getting 18 years for raping a neighbor boy.  Today, the Orlando Sentinel brings us news of the Baltimore attorney and business man, Howard Scott Kalin who traveled to Florida planning to get sexy with a 14-year old boy who turned out to be an undercover cop.  Good one, Howard.

Here's the link to the Sentinel story.

By the way, Kalin owned a child entertainment company called Funhouse Entertainment which provided magicians.  Want to guess how many other victims will come forward? 

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  1. That's the look of shock on Kalin's face.