Monday, May 16, 2011

Senator Mensch Guilty in Gun-Wielding Road Rage Incident--No Pun Intended

Bernville District Judge Andrea Book,  says a Pennsylvania state senator who allegedly displayed a handgun while driving on Interstate 78 is guilty of a summary charge of disorderly conduct.  Sen. Bob Mensch was convicted after a bench trial that lasted more than two hours.
Senator Mensch waved his little gun at another motorist in a road rage incident.

Mensch faces a maximum $300 fine and 90 days in jail, but the prosecutor says he will not recommend jail time.

Mensch, a Montgomery County Republican, denied displaying any weapon even though state troopers who stopped him after the March 9 incident found two handguns in his vehicle. Mensch, who has a permit to carry the weapons, said the other motorist was harassing him.
Nice, huh?  No jail time for threatening another motorist with a gun, then lying about possession of the weapons!  What a deal.

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