Friday, May 13, 2011

Pedro's Malpractice Suit--Update!

In August, 2009 I reported to you that I was sued in Malpractice by a client I dubbed Pedro.  At that point , some 27 years into the practice of law I had never been sued for malpractice.  I confess that I was devastated.  I didn't know it at the time but this claim would turn out to be the least of my problems. Back then, I laid out  the malpractice claims and defense for you as straight-forwardly as I could at that time.   I concluded that while I had not caused Pedro's damages--that I had not committed malpractice, I also did not live up to my own expectations in providing legal services to a client. 

After a bench trial, here, in OurCounty a distinguished OurCounty Common Pleas (and former appellate Judge), disagreed with my self-assessment and entered a $300,000 judgment against me. 

During the the time that  I was incarcerated for attempted income tax evasion, my lawyer, the Sainted Lester, undertook pro bono to appeal the judgment.  This afternoon I received the opinion of the OurCounty Court of Appeals unanimously reversing the judgment against me and ordering the appellant to reimburse our costs.   I'll write more about this part of the case--I'm clearly not crowing about how damn wonderful I am or was, I'm not--still, news of the reversal of the judgment against me is greatly encouraging and a tremendous relief. 

Thank you, Lester.  You are a great attorney and wonderful dear friend.  Thank you for standing by me. 

One more step forward.

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