Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Here Comes the Judge!--Judge Arditti Returns to Bench Following Acquittal

Judge Regina Arditi (pic) returned to her West Texas courtroom following her acquittal on bribery and corruption charges.  This is the Associated Press account from the Houston Chronicle website: 

"A suspended judge expects to be back on the state district court bench in El Paso a day after her acquittal [on] corruption charges.  Regina Arditti returns to her judicial duties Thursday after El Paso County jurors acquitted her Wednesday of two bribery counts, two counts of [abuse] of official capacity and one of prohibition applicable to trading.

Prosecutors had accused the judge of agreeing to hire state District Judge Manuel Barraza's sister as court coordinator in return for Barraza agreeing to hire Arditti's son as a bailiff. Barraza also was charged in the case, but those charges were dropped when he was sentenced to five years in prison in July in a federal bribery case. [Judge Barraza] was reindicted [on state charges] and is scheduled for trial May 23[rd.]_____________________________
Bet this judge has a new outlook!  A wee bit more empathy for the criminally-accused, perhaps?


  1. What happens now? Will the Texas Judge-police kick her off the bench anyways?

  2. I bet she feels like she came back from the dead. No wonder she's smiling.