Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"Yeah, Just Send Over a Check!"

The invaluable Law Profession blawg has the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's disbarment of Paul Wayne Shoup, an attorney who was working for a tax organization.  According to the opinion, attorney Shoup made a remarkable discovery:  "that the Montgomery County [Maryland] Treasury Office website could be easily searched for companies due tax refunds [...  Attorney Shoup] began stealing the unauthorized real property tax refund checks simply by contacting the Montgomery County Treasury Office and requesting that a refund check be mailed out."

Mr. Shoup stole half a million dollars using this technique.  Nice.

Shoup who paid restitution was subsequently sentenced to 18 months for felony theft.

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  1. Maybe you should have a heart & read why he did it before you judge him. People make mistakes, he apologized for his actions. Cut him some slack.