Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bankruptcy Law Firm Banned From Practicing Bankruptcy Law In Central Florida Bankruptcy Court, That Can't Be Good

An Orlando Sentinel story reports on the Order of U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Arthur Briskman banning the multi-state law firm of Kaufman, Englett and Lynd (at the link their laswfirm website) from practicing bankruptcy law in Central Florida.  He appears to be motivated by professional wrongdoing by one of it's attorneys.  This is an excerpt from reporter Bianca Prieto's story: 

"A series of  'missteps' and 'lack of diligence' by a lawyer practicing with Kaufman, Englett and Lynd has prompted a United States Bankruptcy judge to bar the firm and the lawyer from practicing in Bankruptcy Court in the Middle District of Florida until further notice.

William Sanchez
U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Arthur Briskman signed the three-page order today after Attorney William J. Sanchez, who is representing an Orlando couple in a bankruptcy case, failed to appear in court today despite a court order he attend the hearing.  Instead, Andrea G. Dwyer, another lawyer with KEL, attended the hearing. Dwyer said Sanchez did not attend the hearing 'because he was attending to other matters,' the order stated. It's not immediately clear what those matters were.

The order barring the firm from practicing in the court means KEL will not be allowed to file paperwork in any case until the issue with Sanchez is resolved. It's unclear how many cases will be affected.

The firm is allowed to interact with the bankruptcy court to sort out the current issue, which was not specified in the order.  A statement issued by KEL said in part that the firm is working to 'make amends with the Court.' [ed. how about making amends to the clients?]  The law firm recently bought the advertising space at the top of a downtown Orlando high rise on Washington Street at Magnolia Avenue. The firm has offices in several states across the U.S[.]
The Bad Lawyer, myself, represented thousands of injured workers and in the last decade of his active career many employers in OurState workers' compensation courts.  There were many lawyer-malefactors who routinely ignored hearing notices, filing requirements, rules and regulations with impunity.  Currently within this world one law firm stands out as particularly egregious, but it's going to take an Order like the one issued vis-a-vis KEL to put an end to their abusive practices.   I'm sure lawyers in every venue and in every practice-area have similar stories.


  1. Good on his honor Judge Briskman. I'm so tired of sitting in court waiting for my matter to be heard while the court's scramble to accomodate these routinely absent types. The lawyers who don't think the rules apply to them. Good job on linking to the website of this firm.

  2. Any relation to that CNN dope?

  3. I came across this article looking for an update ..I am unable to get any lawyer from this firm to return a call about my case .. running out time in orlando (sale date june 15th) and have an appointment on friday next week with another firm ..i have also referred a friend just last week who is having the same problem..i am emabarassed about the friend who and furious for my own situation...

  4. Good luck, Anon. Looks like you have an idea of what the problems with KEL are with time to take appropriate action. Good luck, I hope things work out for you.


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  6. If they can't practice their field of law what will they do? I suppose they will just shut down. That's a strange thing to ban.

    Tara |

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