Friday, June 17, 2011

Chesley Loses Class Action Client: Ohio, In Wake of KY Bar Decision to Disbar

Chesley in his office
One of the curious things about the Stanley Chesley case was that the State of Ohio employed Chesley to represent it in a Class Action case arising out of the Fannie Mae mortgage meltdown.  Stories quoted Chesley on the subject all while the fen-phen scandal clearly implicated him in the historic rip off the of fen-phen class and cover-up that resulted in the long imprisonment of his co-counsel and disbarment proceeding against him and others.  In other words, Chesley continued to represent one of the largest states in the union in a major piece of litigation under both democratic and republican Ohio governments.  Chesley received the work under former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray, a democrat, but he kept the work when former US Senator and Lt. Governor, Mike DeWine, a republican, took over the Attorney General's office during the last general election.  Perhaps the status quo remained under the republicans because Chesley et al. hired former republican operative, and treasurer Joe Deters?

This all changed, yesterday, when Mike DeWine finally brought the axe down on Chesley as it related to official Ohio representation.  Chesley who is facing permament loss of licensure is no longer representing the State of Ohio.  Here's a link to the Cincinnati Enquirer story.


  1. But he sure has a nice office. Bad lawyers deserve nice offices, don't you think? They've earned 'em.

    Seriously though. What's his strategy now. Can he pull up stakes and find a state that doesn't have reciprocity?

  2. okiedoke--

    He has no strategy. He's only licensed in Ohio and Kentucky and federal court. He is finished. But for more on the moral and ethical implications, the Cincy Enquirer had a further article that I find more troubling because it seems to conclude that it's not the ethical wrong of participating in a multi-million dollar heist of client money that hit Chesley where it hurts, but the because he loses his license he no longer has "political" social juice. How does that work. I link to it for Monday AM. Some seriously screwed values.


  3. There was a case in crook county Illinois involving an Estate atty who's misusing people Trusts, stealing homes from other people Trust, placing it in other Trust to off set the true value of people property allegedly paid a million dollars plus to a crooked Judge and several hundreds of thousand dollars to attorney's to cover-up the crime, no official would touch the case because it involved a Judge.