Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lawyers: Do Not Threaten to Turn Your Clients Into Popsicles

The Legal Profession blawg leads with the story of the Joseph Martin, an Illinois attorney and lobbyist for native American tribes, disciplined after threatening to violently turn a client's representative into a popsicle.  Here's Mike Frisch's account:

During the Tribal Council meeting [ed. the lawyer is the legislative lobbyist for the tribal council, Attorney Martin] entered the meeting room and inquired about the nature of the Tribal Council's discussions.

Upon learning that the discussions pertained to who had authority to terminate [Martin's] employment contract, Respondent [Martin] told the Tribal Council that he would sue them if his employment contract was terminated.

When Norbert Kelsey, one of the Tribal Council members, expressed concern to Respondent regarding Respondent's threat to file a suit against the LRBOI, Respondent referred to Councilman Kelsey as a "joke."

After Councilman Kelsey left the room, [Mr. Martin] made the following statements to the remaining Tribal Council Members about Councilman Kelsey:

"I will fucking kill that god damn pervert. I will kill him. If he thinks I won't I'll take that fucking cane of his and shove it right up his ass. Make him into a popsicle. I'm sick of his shit. Questioning me saying I was a token at Northwestern...

I'll kill his ass."
For this, Martin receives only a reprimand.  Pretty sweet.


  1. LOL....great pic with this story. Who goes around threatening to kill guys with canes? The best part was he is clearly getting all defensive about being called a 'token' minority at Northwestern. Something tells me he is a little sensitive/self-conscious about that actually being true.

  2. So sad to see this. Thanks for sharing information about this lawyer I never thought he would like this. Very unprofessional. legal causation