Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Indianapolis' Drunk Cop, Drunk Driver, Drunk Killer

Yesterday, a Marion County, Indiana Superior Court Judge ruled that blood draw evidence tending to establish that on-duty Indianapolis' officer, David Bisard was drunk at the time he crashed a patrol car into three motorcyclists killing a local man and injuring two others.  Allegations of police cover-up are being borne out by the ruling which makes the bungled blood-draw evidence inadmissible.  Residents in Indy are outraged. 

This is an excerpt from the report by Carrie Ritchie at the Indianapolis Star:

"It was a blood test that called into question not only the actions of a police officer but those of his colleagues.

Officer David Bisard
It sparked an embarrassing internal probe that led to demotions. It fueled public outrage that included accusations of incompetence or, worse, a cover-up. It even spurred campaign promises that might have solidified the election of the new prosecutor.

But perhaps what's most significant about the blood test that authorities insist proves that officer David Bisard was drunk during a fatal accident is exactly what some predicted and feared: It might never be used in court. A Marion Superior Court judge ruled Tuesday that the blood was drawn improperly and cannot be used to prove that Bisard was driving drunk in August when he hit three motorcyclists, killing one and severely injuring the other two."
Special handling, special treatment, special deals = disrespect for the rule of law.

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