Monday, June 6, 2011

Judge's Bitey Dogs Cost her the Bench

Judge Beatrice Bolton
 A British Judge's "vicious" German Shepherds have cost her, her job, at least for now.  It's probably more accurate to say that the Judge's poor reaction to charges relating to her dogs have cost her, her seat for the time being.  The following is an excerpt from the Daily Mail article:

"A judge who said her conviction for owning a dangerous dog was a 'f****** travesty' has had her pets taken away by police.  Judge Beatrice Bolton, 57, was arrested again after a third alleged attack by the animals in a year.

Last year she told reporters: 'I'll never set foot in a court again,' after being convicted of failing to control her dog.  But it has been revealed that she was questioned and bailed following an alleged incident near her home on the outskirts of Rothbury, Northumberland, last week.

On Wednesday, a 22-year-old man reported being bitten in the leg close to where the judge lives.  Police arrested the judge the same day and took her two German shepherds 'to assure public safety' [ . . . ]
'Police have taken action to assure public safety and these dogs have been removed.'  A police source added: 'Beatrice Bolton was taken to Alnwick Police Station for questioning after the report.
Judge Bolton has not sat at Newcastle Crown Court since December when she was convicted of failing to control her German shepherd bitch Georgina and stormed out of Carlisle Magistrates' Court swearing.

'Dangerous': Judge Beatrice Bolton's dog, Georgina, who bit her neighbours' 20-year-old son, who was sunbathing in the garden which their two properties shared on May 31 last year.

The £140,000-a-year judge starting shouting and wailing during proceedings. Later, as the court adjourned for lunch Judge Bolton emerged from a side room but was clearly still fuming.

She yelled: ‘Do you want a statement? I’ll give you a statement. I have no faith in the justice system whatsoever.  ‘I will never sit in a court of law again. How can he (the magistrate) say that? How can [t]he b***** say that?’

The judge was then ushered back into the side room by her solicitor and family in a desperate attempt to calm her.  She later returned to court and was ordered to apologise for swearing. She muttered: ‘I apologise.’  She was fined £2,500 after Georgina attacked her neighbours' 20-year-old son, who was sunbathing in the garden which their two properties shared on May 31 last year.

Then the Royal Mail suspended deliveries to her home and neighbouring properties in April after postman Kenneth Auld was bitten.  Mr Auld, 52, from Morpeth, received treatment in hospital for an injury to his leg and spent a week off work[.]"


  1. She;s is a snarling bitch, the dog that is. Georgina, i meant.