Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Living the High Life at Club Fed

In a filing relating to the resentencing of Lord Conrad Black, the former Canadian Media mogul convicted of mail and honest services fraud, federal prosecutors are arguing that Black was living an imperious life-style during his previous incarceration.  Debra Cassens Weiss blawgs at the as follows:

"Prosecutors are pointing to allegations that one-time media mogul Conrad Black treated inmates like servants and had a supercilious attitude in an effort to send him back to prison.

Black was convicted for defrauding Hollinger International and served 29 months in prison before he was released on bail. The U.S. Supreme Court overturned two of his convictions for honest services fraud, but did not disturb convictions on another count of fraud and obstruction of justice.

Black’s lawyers describe him as a model inmate and say he shouldn’t have to serve any more prison time after he is resentenced on June 24, the Chicago Tribune reports. Prosecutors responded with affidavits by prison workers.

A [federal Bureau of Prisons] unit manager said Black had an entourage of inmates who performed services for him, such as ironing his clothes, the Tribune says. Some inmates saluted Black every time that he taught GED classes. While he was teaching, an education specialist said, Black 'projected the attitude that he was better than others in the class, both faculty and students.'"
Don't you love this, Conrad Black deserves to be punished severely because when we punished him before he had a bad attitude.  Just imagine it, the US federal prosecutors obtained a conviction, in part, based on an unconstitutional enactment, the US imprisoned this wealthy bastard--how dare he maintain his imperial attitude while in jail. 

Seriously, having a few months of personal experience with Club Fed, I can assure you that Conrad Black was not treated specially.  They don't do that.  Everyone is treated like crap.

And when you live with hundreds of inmates, many of them without any access or resources to enable commissary or phone expenditure you encounter every imagineable hustle--including, inmates who do laundry, provide ironing or orderly services for one another in exchange for commissary purchases, i.e. candy bars, vending debit cards, stamps, and as I blawged before "cans." 

It's offensive that federal prosecutors would attempt to massage this sort of thing into a claim that a defendant (who to some extent was wrongfully imprisoned) was living the high life and now really deserves punishment. What a crock!

Note:  I just noticed where the Sentencing Law and Policy blawg has an excellent post on this as well.


  1. great, great especailly the link to the story about how inmates pay for stuff

  2. Looks like time away hasn't done anything for your attitude. You'll be back in prison. Arrogance and limited motor skills almost guarantee that you'll screw up again. It's too bad the feds can't send Black away forever, but good luck to them in getting as much additional time as they can.

  3. anon.
    who are you upset with black or B.L.
    do you know B.L. whats your beef
    there are many inmates who have family struggling to survive with a family member in prison unable to provide for them let alone
    send them much to put in their commisary
    what black is doing helps others aquire some of their needs and occasionally a littls something to make the time a little more manageable
    i am confussed as to the referance to
    B.L.'s limited motor skills as i am quite familiar with him
    you sound like an angry bitter man
    if would like stop by starbucks some morning and i can help you dispose of some of your hostility

    the pope

  4. Gee, your holiness what a nice defense. Thanks