Monday, June 13, 2011

Stanley Chesley, Disciplinary Update

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that legendary Cincinnati Class Action attorney, Stanley M. Chesley faces a disbarment hearing in Kentucky next Tuesday over his role in the Fen-Phen scandal that resulted in several disbarments and lengthy incarcerations of Chesley's co-counsel.

Chesley and Wife, Hon. Susan Dlott
I told you about Chesley at length and Chesley's historical significance and the lead lawyer in the famous mass tort arising out of the Beverly Hills Supper Club fire which occurred in a Kentucky night club on the night of May 28, 1977 killing 197 people.  Chesley also represented victims of the Lockerbie bombing as well as Jewish holocaust survivors in claims against Swiss and German banks. You can read about all about Chesley at this link.
As I pointed out in regards to a far less impressive attorney, Eric Deters--disbarment in Kentucky will result in reciprocal discipline in Ohio.  As the Enquirer article says, disbarment in Kentucky is the professional death sentence for Chesley.  Chesley and co-counsel are accused of stealing millions in an elaborate scheme relating to the funneling of class action funds into a foundation operated by the attorneys for as it turns out, the benefit of the lawyers.

Stanley Chesley is married to federal judge, Susan Dlott.