Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hunter Hogan: Lawyer-Photographer, Problems

An Illinois Bar Complaint targets Hunter Hogan (pic) a Chicago-area attorney and photographer.  This is a link to Mr. Hogan's Linkedin page and profile.  This is a link to his photography page at "Model Mayhem."

Apparently Mr. Hogan has on one or two occasions confused his roles as attorney and artist.  Mr. Hogan appears to be attracted to the subject of the nubile young adolescent models he photographs.  This is the come on from his model mayhem page:

"I have been shooting for 13 years but until a couple of years ago, I focused on candid and travel photography [. . . ] I need models, however, for an artistic series about beauty. [ . . .] I am currently exploring how we view and define "beauty" in modern America. When we say a woman is "beautiful", for example, I don't think we are usually referring to her natural, physical beauty. I think we are usually commenting on her youth, sexuality, conforming to cultural norms, membership in a subculture, health, wealth, race, attitude, make-up, or something else. I'd like my art to help people see the difference between physical beauty and these other concepts.

Escort: Bring anyone; bring your mother.

Nudity: I do not shoot nude photos.

[Oh, and Hogan's list of "genres"]
Fit Modeling
Parts Modeling
Performance Artist
Spokesperson / Host
This guy needs some professional help to sort out his various impulses before it's too late. 

Do not screw the client.  Maintain your boundaries.  Don't try to rationalize inappropriate behavior with a client by calling it art.


  1. creepy dude. amazing bit of journalism assembled in this post. wonder how many young women this guy got to? makes my skin crawl, thinking about him with young female clients.

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  2. sleazy and creepy

  3. I used to date this guy (briefly!) He is creepy. I got a mass email recently saying he was selling his possessions and moving into his car. I was curious enough to google. Although he's a jerk, he's very smart. Though not smart enough, I guess. Oops!

  4. hahaha! I actually dated this guy a couple of years ago too! (briefly) I never did feel comfortable around him, but I couldn't really put my finger on it...luckily I never consented to any photo shoots. I wouldn't quite call him a jerk, and actually I thought his heart was in the right place when he would talk about his personal philosophy. Sounds like he is just sort of confused. He did use to hang out with the a young female client though, which I did question the professionalism of that friendship. A teenage girl who's family was pursuing a statutory rape thing with her ex boyfriend, I think she was 15 and he was 18 or something like that...I thought that was pretty weird.

  5. wow! I posted earlier, now I actually read the complaints and I'm totally floored! CREEPER!

  6. I also dated Hunter for a while right about the time this was all going down and feel I got to know him pretty well. Please keep in mind that we have not heard his side of the story here. It is terrible to have things said about you without getting the chance to give your side. I think he has a good heart and possibly used some bad judgement.I personally think he was just trying to help this girl and be a positive influence on her. I could be wrong, but that is my take on it. If you look at his pictures on his page, you will see that there are pics of people of all ages. He happens to be extremely intelligent with a love of photography and the law. I don't know whether he is innocent or guilty, but he was never anything but a perfect gentleman with me and I saw firsthand many times how caring an individual he is.

    1. Dear anonymous, thank you for your input! So many people are quick to judge before they have all the facts! In the past few weeks, I've gotten to know Hunter a lot as a good friend and though I cannot lay out all the details here and now, I can say that he is indeed innocent. Please, if there's any way you can help him, that would be greatly appreciated. The ARDC "ruined his life" and they were out of line, overstepping the bounds... So again, if you can help in any way...

  7. I too dated Hunter and have to completely agree with the comment written on October 12th. I only wish I could express it as eloquently as the writer above. Hunter has a kind, caring, and trusting heart. My experience with him has been nothing but positive. It is unfair to rush to judgment and to write terrible things when you do not know his side of the story. There are few people in the world who are selfless enough to care about the world around them and Hunter is one them. I too, believe he is a gentleman based on knowing him first hand. He also stood by me and helped me and others of my friends through tough times. Having him now as a friend in my life has had a huge and positive impact on me. I am somewhat ashamed that it has taken me this long to write a response to this article. If you want to rush to judgment it’s your loss. Hunter is kind soul who only wants the best for everyone. Poor judgment: yes. Bad creepy predator: no.

    1. Dear anonymous - well said. I agree wholeheartedly with what you said above. He does not deserve the kind of life that he is forced to live right me, I've seen him... He's a good guy and his morals are STRICT as HECK! I can relate to the damn guy! So as I said to the other anonymous post above, if you feel like you can help in any way, or have any potential influence or authority in the matter, PLEASE don't hesitate to do so...Hunter needs our help, though his future looks bleak right now...

  8. Anonymous....I wrote the comment on October 12th. I hesitated to write it because I did not want to get bashed on here, but I felt that Hunter deserved better than what is happening here. Thank you for having the courage to support what I wrote. It sounds like he is also lucky to have you in his life....

  9. a lot of men get to young girls by being a so-called friend, positive influence,ect..they also sweet talk the mothers, just to get next to these unsuspecting young out !!! evidently he did something wrong, since he was dismissed from his job as asa..and i do believe there was more than one girl complaining about him...

  10. bad lawyer...just another one of hunter's must have a split personality...for all you know i could be hunter posting this message...

  11. I know Hunter personally, and I think that he is a man who is passionate and considerate, yet obviously impulsive. He is thoughtful, but has a slightly controlling personality, and has a hard time accepting "no" as an answer. These troubled young women could have easily been influenced by this dominating trait. I don't think he is a predator, he's actually a very nice guy, but I remember him sharing stories when he was abroad about a relationship he had with a young woman, I believe she was 17, so I can understand that he is attracted to vulnerability and or immaturity. I know he has depressive tendencies and he must have been struggling at the time these events took place. I believe that he is inherently a "good" person, but lacked some serious, sound judgment. It sounds like he was dating a lot of women at the same time, while pursuing these relationships with his young clients. That's the part that I find unsettling because it wasn't an impulsion due to loneliness or lack of attention. Why he did this, I have no idea. I really expected more out of him. I always thought that he really had profound understanding of integrity and ethics. Regardless, Hunter, where ever you are, I wish you well. This was a really sh*tty thing to do and to have happened to you.

    1. Dear anonymous - this is the third time I've responded to a sympathetic post on behalf of Hunter's situation. You can choose to take my word for it or not, but I have inside details and info on the matter that lead me to believe without a doubt that HE IS INNOCENT and the ARDC treated him with extreme unfairness. This is also my third request on this page at getting him help, so PLEASE...if you think you can help in ANY way, I urge you to do so. He does not deserve this. Thank you.

  12. Did you think maybe he did this because he has a thing for young girls ? If he had kept himself in line, he wouldn't have had these problems. At 23 , I think of him as an old man..

  13. Hunter needs to lose his law license. He has no ethics and has a problem!

  14. I too used to date Hunter, and I'm guessing half of these Anonymous posts are actually Hunter!

  15. I have known Hunter for years. He has often been attracted to 17-19 year olds, but I never heard one of them think badly of him. The term 'girls' in the case against him is more than a little misleading. One of the 'girls' is about 37. She had a thing for him and it seems they enjoyed each other's company more than once.
    It was this woman's daughter who was the 'other girl'. As you can imagine, Hell has no furry like a woman scorned.
    After it became a huge mess, the daughter sent Hunter an email saying she just returned from a trip and discovered the mess he was in over her. She said in the email (which I read) that she lied because her Mom convinced her to. She wanted to make it right, but the matter had gone on to the hands of the State and it was too late.
    Did you know he graduated in the top 10% of his law school class?? He has always been slightly genius and has long had an inclination toward philosophy.
    Before law school, he wanted to be a philosopher. He went to law school so he could become a professor. This mess has really played havoc with his goals, and to know where it began really stinks!

  16. He took my picture and also pics of a few of my friends. He seemed to love taking the pictures and he didn't charge us. I guess that means we weren't clients and none of us screwed him either. That wasn't a condition of getting pictures taken by him. Personally, I think it would be wise for you to get your facts straight before you make such harsh accusations. How would you like to be on the receiving end of so much hate for no apparent reason?

  17. I knew Hunter when he worked in Carroll County. His boss was frustrated with him because he spent his time focusing on domestic violence and sexual abuse cases. These were the topics that upset Hunter the most so he worked lots of overtime trying to make a difference in this area (unpaid for overtime). It's wierd that he would end up being accused of the same himself. I know him and he really would not sexually abuse anyone, however neither would he necessarily turn down a flirtation from a pretty young thing. But that's not abuse and that doesn't even mean he slept with her.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. In April 2010, I was falsely accused of rape. The accuser is not the alleged victim, and the alleged victim has a YouTube vlog. The accuser is Justine's mother, Naomi Coverdill. Naomi Coverdill did not tell Justine about the accusations for over two years and the Illinois Supreme Court's bureaucratic department never tried to contact Justine Coverdill during that time.
    1. A bureaucratic agency of the Illinois Supreme Court has multiplied the damage of the false accusation by handling the accusation unjustly, unethically, and illegally.
    2. The result has been the nearly complete destruction of my life.
    a. I have been unemployed—and unemployable—for more than 30 months.
    b. As of 3 September 2012, I have exactly $180 cash, I am more than $300,000 in debt, and I have exhausted my unemployment benefits.
    c. I have been homeless for more than one year.
    d. When I became homeless, I had to abandon most of my possessions: everything I own fits in my car.
    3. Therefore, I am registering as a write-in candidate for the November 6, 2012 election for Carroll County State's Attorney.
    4. For more information, you can review my old homepage and read the actual files and emails related to these issues, which I have placed on the Google Docs website.

  20. If any of you follow this story and read the information posted on other sites, you would discover that Hunter now lives and is supported by the alleged victim. WTF?!?!?!?! I have no idea how this could possibly help the situation in the slightest. This appears to be another incident of poor judgment on Mr. Hogan's part.

    Whatever the case may be it is extremely unhealthy for a young troubled woman with a history of sexual abuse to now take care of a man who is facing charges because of whatever conduct occurred between the two of them. If you read some of the blogs, watch the videos, etc you see that this young woman has a crush on him and essentially acted in a way that may have wound him up in this situation. I would be more sympathetic if it hadn't happened to another teenager in the same county.

    I know when I was a teenager I too had crushes on older men, and I even may have tried to seduce, or attempt to have some sort of relationship with them. But the reality is, nothing ever happened! This is because, even though I am attractive....and would have been a very willing participant, these men had enough common sense not to screw around with a 17 year old!

    Do I think Hunter raped this young woman? No. I think that she was a troubled teen who was seeking attention from an older man, I think that whatever happened, she was more than eager to participate. I do however believe that Hunter violated his ethical and professional obligation as the Assistant State's Attorney, and as result he rightfully lost his job.

    It is unfortunate that he has suffered hardships because of this case, but to every action there is a consequence. Like I mentioned earlier, what makes everything particularly strange is that now HE LIVES WITH THIS TEENAGER! Am I the only one who finds that completely strange?!

  21. I'm outraged at this guy, reading the posts many people mentioned that he is not such a bad person but his behavior towards the victim he's currently staying with sickens me.

    Just watch this video of the girls blog:

    I can't believe she has to go through all this for this guy who seemingly gives no consideration and is obviously taken advantage of.

    And the worst is she doesn't seem to notice she's being exploited by this grown man.

  22. The reality of the situation is, if Atty Hunter Hogan had no relations with a young woman who was over the age of consent at age 17 in Illinois, he has done nothing wrong. Age of consent in Illinois is 17. The woman was not his client but apparently had some sort of legal problems (I think drinking under age).
    There is nothing illegal about a man his age (late 20's?) living with a 19 year old woman, even if she does support him. It's none of our business.
    I'm not sure from this woman's blog that he does have any contact with her regardless.
    The entire situation is sad.

    1. In Illinois if a 17 year old is still in school and being supported by her parents, she is still considered a minor.

  23. If this blogger is looking for a "bad lawyer" I can give him a list from my blog--Cynthia Farenga, Adam Stern, Judge Connors, Judge Stuart, Judge Fabiano, Attorney Sharon Rudy, Peter Savitias, and others--well known, well published. And then you can add in Jerome Larkin, Sharon Opryszek and Jessica Haspel for going after ME for only writing a blog about corruption in Illinois. I think you have the right to publish Atty Hogan's complaint, but he has the right to respond, and I think if the ARDC publishes his complaint he has the right to demand his Answer and Dispositive Motions be published there.

  24. Wow. I briefly met this guy through a friend who was dating him a few years ago. Now, based on the comments here it seems he has dated at least 50% of the female population of Chicago, ha, ha. He din't seem like a bad guy, but now he's just a sad individual. Sad story all the way.

    1. He is sucking the life out of the victim. Through a mutual friend I heard he is living with her here in Fulton.

  25. He is a piece of trash who is narcissistic and a pathological liar. He uses people until he can't get anything else from them. I have never met such a usless excuse of a human.

  26. Interesting. All the Anonymous cheerleaders for this man should google his name and read everything he's written. All the assorted websites, all the Facebook posts etc. He's obviously an extremely intelligent individual in a Charles Manson/Unibomber sort of way. But much of what you'll see is either delusion, or entirely fictional.

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  28. Hunter Hogan is an honest, intelligent, fun and sensitive man. He likes to enjoy life and expresses it through his art with photography. He is a man and is obviously attracted to women, but he doesn't focus on a single topic, he appreciates women, he would never force a girl to have sex with him, Hunter knows how to establish his limits, he is very careful when take decisions. It is unfair the way in which this accusation forces him to live isolated from a dignified and normal life. It's a human. And I feel like I should not pay such a high price for something like that.

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