Monday, June 20, 2011

NC Lawyer Gary B. Kivett's Quite a Character

The guy in the picture holding the rattlesnake is North Carolina attorney Gary B. Kivett. 

He's also the respondent to a North Carolina Bar Complaint for getting all touchy, feely, and intercourse-y with a number of his female clients.  In other words a real snake in the grass.

A colorful blawg item by Mike Frisch at the Legal Profession reports that the NC bar authorities are a little tired of Kivett's inappropriate relations with his female clients and in one case, the wife of a client  One charge relates to sex Kivett had with a client on Grandfather Mountain. 

I've said it over and over again:  Do not have sex with the client.  The client comes to a lawyer because they seek independent professional help while the client is in a legally vulnerable position of some sort.  Sex with the clients so completely compromises everything important about the trust relationship comprising the lawyer-client contract. 


  1. I think its about time Gary's ways caught up with him. I have had trouble with him before. I have threatened to kick his butt over my ex-wife and another ex.He called my cell phone to ask my 19 year old girlfriend to go out and get drunk with him.I hope there will also be criminal charges along with disbarment.

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  2. Jesse H.

    Who cares what Kivett does in his personal life? He's a helluva lawyer! He won 2 DWI cases for me in front of juries against 2 different district attaorneys. He knows the law. I am greatful for his help.

  3. Mr. Anoymous I would stay that way....Considering the fact evidently you have a hard time keeping a girlfriend if you've felt threatened 3 diff. times by the same person. And by the did Gary get the cell phone # and know when your girlfriend (EX) as you say would be answering it. Maybe that's why he's such a good lawyer!! I doubt he met any of these girls teaching Sunday school! Just tells me your no better being you have the same taste in women. Do they not know the word "NO" in their vocabulary! Anyone with any sence at all needs no explanation of the kind of women who are in search of a sugar Daddy.I am a women and that's my opinion! He's never been anything but totally respectful in my presence!

  4. To the person who choose to respond anonymously...and OBVIOUSLY for personal reasons!!!
    John 8:7
    "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone..."
    Romans 2:1
    "Therefore you are inexcusable, O man, whoever you are that judge: for wherein you judge another, you condemn yourself; for you that judge do the same things."

    ~If you are gonna have the audacity to go public with your remarks & "opinions", then be brazen enough to put a name with it! Of course, we all know what opinions are like...!!! Oh Wait...they are like you! Now take your pile of rocks & go find a jump in!!!
    P.S. Who's problem is it if your can't hold on to your girlfriend??? Or should I say Ex's!!! And how old are you...with a 19 year old Girl?? Hmmm....Think about it!!!

  5. This is so amusing! The only things surprising about this action by the NC Bar is that 1. It took so long to do it and 2. That there's so few complaintants. But hopefully there are enough to see to it that Gary gets his due. Cracks me up to read the comments about what a great lawyer he is LOL

    But then, there's the anonymous person chastising others for posting anonymously - how funny is that? And quoting Bible verses in Gary's defense hahahahahaha Is that his mama?

    Thanks for the laughs!

  6. Hey fucker whoever you I think you're a number one pussy for your anonymous posts.I'll be in my office all through the month of January if you have the balls to come down there and say something to my face. And you can bet there won't be anybody down there quoting Bible Verses to you when you get there if you arent too scared to show up and make yourelf known as to who you are which I seriously doubt. Gary Brandon Kivett

  7. Well, well, Mr. Kivett what language you have for such a "Nice" lawyer. So for such a nice, respectful lawyer what do you have to show for it such as a wife, home, and kids? Oh you had a wife and she must have ran, right? And you live where? Yes, I know where. Yeah you are right no decent, sane, normal woman would have you. I could go on and on but you probably would not understand so what's the point. Seems you are too old and set in your lady using ways to change now. Right? I am amazed you even knew what a Bible was! Lol!

  8. If you know where I live why don't you come and see me? I know why. Because you're a chickenshit little bastard who can't let his name be known. I'm not hard to find. i never have been. And now I don't really have to worry about Bar discipline for kicking your anonymous little trifling ass. BTW I OWN TWO homes and where I choose to stay doesn't really matter now, does it?

  9. Obviously Mr. Anonymous is not happy with his own life...that he has to try and mirco manage the life of someone else! Someone who has achieved more than Mr. Anonymous would be able to acquire in ten life times!!! Really, if you wanna run your mouth about should first find out the FACTS!!! I see right thru your's called Jealousy!!! You aren't as concerned about Gary getting what "he deserves", but rather you are upset that he has more than you...success, money, women, vehicles, homes & clients that know what an Above Average Attorney he is! What is really the problem here Mr. Anonymous....did one or more of the women you have been with...Or WANTED to be with cast you aside...only for you to later discover had been with Mr. Kivett? For your information...I'm the anonymous person CHASTISING you!!! As well I quoted the Bible...And no I am not the mother of Gary Kivett!!! But rather someone that knows & accepts him for who he is! So if you have something you would like to say directly to me...Here's my number...828-260-4052!!! In the meantime...Get A F'kin Life!!!
    And BTW...I don't have an URL set up, but not to's not anonymous have my number!!

  10. Asking your lawyer on what to do in that kind of situation is the best move you have.
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  11. Gary Kivett was found guilty of cruelty to animals on 4-21-1988.

  12. Hey Mr Kivette or is it Stanley,
    You haven't learned yet have you. You are an egomaniac. You were a big pussy in school and you are a big pussy today. You should learn to respect a girls wishes. You should also learn to not disrespect her husband..... Where is it you want to meet????

  13. In my opinion he is a sexual predator. He used a position of power to manipulate poor women who were in vulnerable and desperate situations and in my opinion thats about as low as you can get.

  14. He is one dumb son of a bitch. Right now he is fucking with a man who won't bother to report him to the bar.....telling lies on this man and fucking with his girl...not smart

  15. I agree a real sleaseball