Thursday, June 2, 2011

Didn't Know I Lost My License

Two stories this morning fit the proffered excuse, "I didn't know my license was suspended." 

The beleagured Ohio State Buckeye's football program which recently lost the services of its legendary head coach Jim Tressel, appears to be in danger of losing the services of its star quarterback, Terrelle Pryor who among other issues apparently did not know his driver's license was suspended. Pryor appeared at a team meeting driving his sports car (...and how did he get this snazzy Z350?) despite a license suspension for failure to produce liability insurance coverage require in Ohio after being stopped for speeding.  Pryor ignored multiple notices to respond to the citation. 

Then in Pittsburgh, reporter Vivian Nereim reports at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on the lawyer who was practicing sans license.  Here's an excerpt for the Post-Gazette article:

"Charles Hoebler was found to be in civil contempt of court after a hearing this morning before Common Pleas Judge Randal Todd.

Mr. Hoebler's law license was suspended in April after he failed to keep up-to-date with Continuing Legal Education requirements. His license was reinstated earlier this month, but not before Mr. Hoebler represented Jermaine Williams, convicted of aggravated assault, at a sentencing May 9. Mr. Williams, who was sentenced to five to 10 years in prison, now must be re-sentenced.

Mr. Hoebler told the judge today that he did not realize his license was suspended at the time of the sentencing. His office was in disarray, and he had not opened the letter notifying him of the disciplinary action, he said."
Hoebler got off with a nominal fine.  But I imagine the Pa disciplinary police are going to have more to say about Mr. Hoebler's law license.  Admitting law office disarray is never a good excuse for failing to have a current law license.  Good luck with that.

Shame about that Ohio State football program.  It's quite a morality-play that we will have to talk about later.

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