Sunday, December 6, 2009

12-pack of Bud Ice, That'll Run You 2-Years In the Big House

53yr old Carl Hundley was arrested for shop lifting a 12-pack of Bud Ice and will do two years in Kansas for the crime.  Apparently Hundley has a lengthy criminal record with criminal charges from 8 states.  Hundley was charged as a "persistent offender" elevating this minor theft to a felony.

Stories like this aren't terribly interesting except from the standpoint of prison overcrowding and the fact that the Kansas prosecutorial zeal guarantees that the Kansas taxpayers will pay for Mr. Hundley's upkeep for the next couple of years.

Years ago I had the experience of working in the Federal Bureau of Prisons as a summer case management intern at the federal correctional institute at Ashland, Ky. and the (country club) federal prison camp at Allenwood, Pa.  In those years I studied the subject of recidivism, the return of ex-cons to criminal activity.  My recollection is that no variable correlates with a reduction in recidivism, except getting older.  Evidently, aging has not slackened Mr. Hundley's pace or thirst.

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