Monday, December 21, 2009

Above The Law--Expands on the Bad Lawyer Scoop!

Above the Law is THE best law Blawg--and the clearinghouse for almost all lawyer disasters and scandals.  I feel blessed that ATL has run several of my scoops, now it ran Bad Lawyer's Memphis lawyer/vampire with a link to this site.  Let me say, that site skews towards Big Firm material as opposed to my focus on the street level experience of Bad Lawyers. 

ATL now has the expanded follow up on Lawyer who masticated the man in the Memphis restaurant restroom.  You might find it valuable to load ATL into your Google Reader--which is how I follow all the law follies.


  1. Hey Bad Lawyer: Why so long since your last post? Get to typing. It ain't like you don't have the time.

  2. Anon 6:29 you need to hit your refresh button or double click your cursor over the banner. You're right, I have plenty of time on my hands and I've been Blawging.