Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Taking Pictures of Illegally Parked State Trooper Cruisers, That'll Get You Searched

Michael Kidd is one of those insane men who thinks it's appropriate to photograph State Police cruisers illegally parked blocking handicapped parking spots.  Kidd pulled behind the Kanawha County Judicial Annex when he saw two police cruisers parked in the way he described.  Why he thought it was ok to photograph these vehicles--but, he got out of his car and started taking pics.  According to his civil lawsuit, Trooper Jason Garnes demanded to know what the hell he thought he was doing.  Kidd acknowledged to Trooper Garnes that he was photographing the illegally parked cruisers; this got Kidd slammed against a wall, searched and threatened.

Kidd has filed his civil lawsuit in West Virginia State court.  


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