Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Plea Deal in Super Glue Penis Case

I'm relieved to report that a plea deal has been reached in the case of the two Chilton, Wisconsin women who super glued a former boyfriend's penis to his abdomen in retaliation for the discovery that he was a cheating POS (piece of shit.)  Therresa Ziemann, 48, her sister Michelle Belliveau, and two other women administered the adhesive attack on dirtbag, Donessa T. Davis' mantool.  Turns out one of the other women involved in the "attack" was his wife, Tracy Hood-Davis of Fond Du-Lac. 

No contest pleas have been entered by the women to misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct.   I'm sure followers of Bad Lawyer will forgive the omission of an image to accompany this specific post.


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